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A new gallery! Woohoo! Pictures from New Year’s Eve are up, hope you all enjoy them. A word of warning, they feature some rather intimate pictures of Geoff and a wall, just saying.. And everybody add his new band BERLIO to your MySpace friend list.
January 7th, 2007 - 10:52pm

Featured Image Gallery - New Year’s Eve

Featured Image Gallery

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New Year’s Eve - 12.31.06 | This New Year’s Eve was a special one. We had a party at Geoff’s house, with large amounts of BBQ ribs, burgers, alcohol and fire (not to mention fireworks). I built an outdoor bar for the occassion, complete with a faux-marble top and a kick-ass custom sink. You will see a few pictures of it here, mostly covered with bottles. I invented a new (to me at least) shooter consisting of equal parts Bailey’s and Khalua with a splash of Brandy that I must say was great. I also learned I can make a passable Long Island Iced Tea (thanks Joshua).

Nursing Graduation - 10.05.06 | I finally made it. 1532 hours later, give or take a few days that I have to make up, I graduated from nursing school. LVN board exam here I come, to be followed by my RN and then Master’s.

Last Day of Clinicals - 08.18.06 | My group for clinicals changed a little bit over the year. We went from King/Drew Medical Center to Harbour UCLA, and we lost Kelly to Ms. Andrews because she had a baby. This is the final make-up of the group, people I love very much. It was great working in the hospital with them, and I hope that I keep in touch with all of them from now on.

Memo’s Birthday - 10.01.06 | Memo has been asking for a BBQ at her house for a while now, so we decided to have one here on her birthday. Highlights from this include her taking each and every piece of tissue paper out of her gift bags and folding them rather than actually getting out the gifts, and the sudden downpour that came suddenly and disappeared just as quickly.